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習主席發表新年講話,號召全國人民“擼起袖子加油干” President Xi delivers New Year speech and calls on Chinese people to “roll up sleeves to work harder”
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President Xi delivers New Year speech and calls on Chinese people to “roll up sleeves to work harder”



The year of 2016 is coming to an end, and the bell of the New Year is going to ring. At this happy moment of ringing out the old year and ringing in the new, I would like to extend my New Year wishes to people from all ethnic groups across China, to our compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, to our compatriots from Taiwan region and overseas, and to friends from all countries and regions across the world.



For the Chinese people, the year of 2016 is not only outstanding but also unforgettable. We made a good start of the 13th 5-year National Development Period which spans from 2016 to 2020. We actively carried out the new development concept, accelerated the process of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and maintained our economic growth ranking the first in the world. We vigorously pushed forward the comprehensive deepening of reform, made important steps in terms of supply-side structural reform, achieved remarkable breakthroughs in the reform of national defense and the military, and the main frame of reform in all fields with "multiple pillars" has been established. We actively promoted the building of a law-based governance of the country, deepened the reform on the judicial system, enhanced judicial justice in an all-round way, and maintained social fairness and justice. We vigorously pushed forward the exercise of our Party's strict governance in every respect, unswervingly cracked down on both "tigers" and "flies", in a bid to purify our political ecosystem, and continue to improve our Party and our government's working style, as well as our social conduct.



In the year of 2016, the Chinese "sky-eye" single-aperture spherical telescope came into use officially, the "WuKong" dark matter detection satellite was under operation in the orbit for a year, the "Mozi" quantum satellite was launched into space, the Shenzhou-11 manned spaceship and the Tiangong-2 space lab traveled through the Galaxy, the Chinese Olympians made outstanding achievements, including the Chinese Women's Volleyball team's becoming the Olympic champion again, which is 12 years after they won the title. Furthermore, our reform measures have made it a little easier for rural migrant workers to settle down in urban areas, and the condition for many children from impoverished areas to receive education has also improved, people don't need to shuttle back and forth between different places when they apply for an identity card in non-native places, some people without permanent household residence for a long time can finally get access to social welfare, many people even have got their own family doctors, and "river chiefs" will be appointed across China for better protection of water resources against pollution in the country. All those efforts make us feel a sense of achievement.



In the year of 2016, near the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou city, we held the 11th G20 Leaders' Summit, we shared our thoughts with world leaders and proposed our ideas, and also presented to the world the magnificent, impressive and elegant image of China. The projects under "The Belt and One Road" Initiative was also pushed forward, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank officially started operation. We have adhered to the peaceful development while resolutely safeguarding the territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests of China. We will never tolerate any act that undermines our territorial sovereignty and maritime rights.



In the year of 2016, natural disasters and industrial accidents took place in many places across China, bringing severe losses on people's life and property, as well as production. We deeply regret those mishaps. On the international front, a few comrades from China's peacekeeping troops have sacrificed their lives while serving their duty to safeguard world peace, we mourn the loss of these soldiers and will repay high tribute to them by taking a good care of their loved ones.



In the year of 2016, we held grand ceremonies to mark a series of important anniversaries including the 95th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of China, and the 80th anniversary of the triumph of the Long March by the Red Army of Chinese workers and peasants. We will always cherish the memory of the forefathers who have made great contributions to the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. We will remain committed to our mission, and continue to forge ahead.



An ancient saying goes, "the world moves on in a never-ending process of the new replacing the old." In the upcoming year of 2017, the Communist Party of China will convene its 19th national congress, an occasion to renew our commitment to the comprehensive building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, to the comprehensive deepening of reforms, to the comprehensive advancement of rule of law, and to the comprehensive exercising of self-governance of the party. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and only hard work will make dreams come true.



We will make sure that no one is left behind on our way to prosperity. Over the past year, 10 million more people across the country have been lifted out of poverty. I would like to pay high tribute and express appreciation to the comrades who have worked tremendously in grass root unites in fighting poverty. As we greet the New Year, there is one thing that remains most dearly attached to my heart. That is those fellow citizens who still live in hardship. I'm seriously concerned and wonder how their food supply and accommodation are being maintained, how they are celebrating the New Year and the Spring Festival. I'm aware that some folks are faced with difficulties in employment, children's education, medical care and housing. To ceaselessly solve those problems remain an unshirkable responsibility for the party and the government. The whole party and the whole society should show continued care and offer help to those fellow citizens living in poverty. We will enable more people to enjoy the fruit of our reforms, and ultimately let all the people in this country live in happiness.



As one saying goes, "success comes to those who share in one purpose". As long as our 1.3 billion-plus people are pulled together for a common cause, as long as the Party stands together with the people and we roll up our sleeves to work harder, we will surely succeed in a Long March of our generation.



The Chinese people have always believed that the world is a commonwealth. We Chinese not only aspire for good living for ourselves, but also hope people in other parts of the world lead a descent life. At present, people in certain countries and regions are still troubled in wars and turbulence; many are suffering from diseases and disasters. We sincerely hope the international community will make concerted effort, work in the belief that mankind shares the same fate as a community, and build our planet into a more peaceful and prosperous place to live in.



May the chime of the New Year consolidate our confidence and re-ignite our aspiration for an even better tomorrow!

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